A snippet shared

my.w.tt/iaMO2QEyv6 It’s been a while since I shared parts of “The Path Once Chosen” universe. This snippet I probably won’t include in the final product. It’s set more in book two (Working Title, The Red String of Fate) or book three (Working Title, Beyond the Broken Boundary Walls) so don’t get a shock with Asadel … Continue reading A snippet shared

I’m guilty of enjoying lockdown.

Okay, so been watching art vids on YouTube all day, reading, with occasional writing of drabbles inserted here and there. I’m a bit sore and achey from staying up all night drawing. Definitely did not have that happen when I was in high school. The art vids have me feeling insecure about my art skills, … Continue reading I’m guilty of enjoying lockdown.

Today’s sketch

So I always wanted a wanted poster for my main character, Asadel. Today I sketched the face I wanted on the poster. In my head, Asadel’s pacing around scratching his head, saying, “it doesn’t even look like me.” That’s the point, darling. He’s pouting at me now. I’ve been ignoring him for weeks, and I’ve … Continue reading Today’s sketch