Scribbles on Scrap Paper

So I’m deep cleaning for new arrivals in my house, and whilst going through the myriad of note books, and papers I keep, I came across a wee snippet written out on scrap paper complete with a drawing. It gave me giggle, and I hope it gives you, my readers a bit of giggle too.

I must have scribbled this down at work in a moment of inspiration.

So, the note reads;

“Um, that’s interesting,” Asadel said.

Tegwin grinned, ” That’s me in the front, that’s the horse, that’s you there.”

Asadel chuckled, “At least you tried.”

“This is a work of art, Asadel,” Tegwin said.

“It’s beautiful. I’ll hang it on the wall when I get home.”

This is the best bit! I even drew a little picture.

I’m not sure if I ever wrote the scene, but as soon as I reread the note, I can picture the scene in my head with Tegwin pestering Asadel while he’s attempting to draw some thing in his sketch book.

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