That feeling you get…

when you read the fledgling snippets of your current WIP.

Apparently I originally named Asadel (my male main character) Frienze. Sorry, it was a weird feeling reading something with such familiar characters, but they aren’t quite themselves yet.

The writing is very cringey, though I do believe this is a piece from 2008. It’s not terrible. It’s stilted, like I’m not sure what do with words yet. It’s reassuring, in that I obviously improved ALOT since then.

I don’t tend to get embarrassed by my old writing. Oh, there are definite moments where I stop and wonder why I thought that was a good idea. Old drafts, and abandoned WIP are a writer’s way of documenting progress over the years. It’s humbling to take a walk and idly read through old works.

I have an eclectic filing system. Some times I have to sit down and read everything I’ve written and refile it. It’s woven into my creative process now. It’s a good way of seeing what ideas worked and what didn’t. Some ideas get recycled, other ideas have metamorphisized.

I know some people don’t like to look back. Whatever ends up on the rubbish heap stays there.

I’m rambling as I like to do. It was nice to see the beginnings of my current WIP, knowing the cardboard cut outs have been fleshed out into something 3D. All that hard work and sometimes tears actually resulted in something more, that I actually built something. That’s a pretty good feeling. Something I wish more authors felt that, instead of being constantly torn down and defeated.

So on with the editing and rewriting!

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