A little bit of advice

I have strong themes of racism, classism and sexism in my WIP. Some of my characters are unconventional. Sometimes subtly, sometimes it’s sign posted. People have feelings about it.

Combine that with the ridiculous expectation the one being critiqued should be grateful for any and all feedback, and not be able push back on what can be blatant prejudice masquerading as advice sometimes.
Sometimes I vent about the completely wrong thing and the wrong person, because I can’t say what I really want to say. Because it’s not polite. I get gaslighted a lot.
Sometimes I get angry at the right person for the right reasons, and get told it’s all in my head, and dog piled. I’m told I’m too sensitive. You’re taking this too seriously.
I can’t imagine what it must be like not to be able to rage quit a website, not be able to walk away, or turn off my computer to get away and get some distance.

I once got told my MMC should be rewritten as a slave. They missed the entire point (it was an earlier draft).

I can’t imagine dealing with that everyday, and not want to see the world burn alive and not be angry and bitter, just trying to get on with life.
I can walk away.
There’s an awful lot of people who can’t.

I received some wonderful words of advice, which put words to frustration I’m feeling.

“You’re not responsible for other people’s biases and reactions.”

I have a feeling other people need to hear this too.

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