Why can’t we just admire women’s athleticism too?

I’m talking about this photo here of Tayla Harris, the 21 year old Australian footy player.

I know my mother would be clutching her pearls if I had a photo taken like this when I was her age. It’s not lady like she would say, but too be honest it was never very likely. I wasn’t particularly athletic, preferring my books to running around a footy field or netball.

So I can’t help admire this amazing young woman, and what it took to achieve this moment of physical perfection, and we should be celebrating it. It’s an amazing picture of a golden Amazon.

She actually kind of reminds me of Adora in the new She-ra.

She’s not there for your viewing pleasure, she’s there to play sport. So when the AFL took down her picture, because of the controversy, she put it back. That’s pretty bad ass in my books, but she goes one better, she starts an competition to see who can copy what will hopefully become a pretty iconic picture.

I don’t know you guys, it’s a pretty courageous thing to. It’s pretty damn obvious we haven’t come that far if men saw the picture as sexual. If it were a man, they’d see it for what it was, a celebration of what the human body can achieve. Tayla Harris deserves to be to seen as a person, and as an athlete.

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