Could you just maybe tone your appearance down?

These screen shots are from a blog post from May 2017. I don’t have the original post any more, I lost it in the great domain transfer.

When this critique happened, there were two men and one woman of colour present. I’m still really horrified and shocked to this day. I don’t remember your names, but I should have done better. I am truly sorry. I also have a recording ( I think it’s still there) of the event. I noticed you didn’t come back, and I’m really sorry I really had no idea people would interpret my character Asadel that way. I don’t see him like that, and up until that point I didn’t know other people would. My WIP had been through multiple workshops and critiques at that stage and nothing like that had been mentioned.

Any way, the conversation in my previous post reminded me of this, and how everything was said in the name of ‘political correctness.’ If I have missteped with my portrayal of my MMC, I’m sorry I offended you, but if you are white you really don’t get a say.


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