Problematic Badass Female Tropes #1: The Marion Effect

In this world of systematised misogyny, problematic sexist tropes are all too apparent. One such trope is the ‘Marion Effect’, in which an initially badass female character quickly transforms into a damsel in distress – her only function to be rescued by the male hero…

Source: Problematic Badass Female Tropes #1: The Marion Effect

Hi Guys,

So I’m going to be sharing this series of blog posts I read last year, and gave me food for thought on my portrayal of women in writing. This particular post I’m in complete agreement with. I loved the writer’s of example because whether you like or not the movie Prince of Thieves had a great deal more influence on my imagination than I liked, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. (Also I like the movie, watched it multiples of times), but I relate to the disappointment of Marion not living quite up to expectation. Did she lose all that bad assness to the power of love? Same with the Indiana Jones example, which is a major pop culture reference. I agree with her, it was a little more subtle.

The problem with the Marion effect, is it is a pervasive trope, and almost in combination with the damsel in distress which is a very worn out trope seen in Superman to X-men 1.

Anyway, read and enjoy,


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