Thoughts on Lotor in Voltron.

So I’m catching up on Voltron episodes with two left until the finale. To be honest I’m still reeling after Lotor’s arc, but I had this thought. I know it’s supposed to be dreadful that he was using Altaens as batteries etc, etc but if he had their consent, which it appeared he did, how does that make him the bad guy?

It was a top secret project, so I understand him not being on the up and up with first colony and blocking communication. But he was empowering the Altaens with a way to fight back, even if it did serve his interests as well. Not only that, he did rescue them from genocide. Of course, the Altaen colony would hail their benefactor to almost God like status.

If you view it from the Altaen’s prospective, he was a hero betrayed by his lover, and allies. Of course they were loyal and wanted to please. What I’m not really seeing is how this makes him a villain. Those Altaens were not forced into powering those things. They did it willingly. Those selected to go to the “second colony” were honoured. As far as I’m aware they were fully informed on departure. Seriously I don’t think you could power those things and fight if you weren’t willing.

No wonder he went mad in the end, because even after all that, he hoped Allura would let him explain, that he could win her back, and bring his allies round, and in that moment of betrayal he lost it. Who wouldn’t?

Lotor, you were a misunderstood idealist and my heart hurts for you.

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